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Generate up to 12% profit per month

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Welcome to Earn World. In the next few minutes you will find out:

- How to generate between 4-12% USD(T) every month via artificial intelligence (AI) trading.

- How to generate 4-25% p.a. on your cryptos in staking.

- How you can use the Affiliate Program / Referral to earn high commissions in real time.

The media love us:

EarnWorld the media love us


Earn Worlds 3 in 1 Super App

With our Earn.World app, you get 3 features:

One of the most innovative app's on the market.

Get access to one of the smartest wallets on the market, integrating staking and AI trading in one app.

Tested and certified by CERTIK !

3-1 Function Earn.World App

1. staking in the Earn World 3-in-1 wallet (up to 17% staking rewards per year)


2. 100% automated AI trading of own deposits in Earn.World 3-in-1 Wallet (3-7% profit per month).


3. you will participate in the trading infrastructure of Earn.World 3-in-1 Wallet by purchasing Trading Infras (Maximum profit 400% - 500% return - by up to 12% profit per month)

The first company ever to store trading data on a blockchain !

The first company ever to store trading data on a blockchain. Binance Smart Chain, Streakk and ethereum

Collaborations with leading experts in the AI trading market

Earn.World works with the leading industry experts.

Among them are WunderTrading, AnCOBALT, Gunbot, The Better Traders and block research.

Cooperation with WunderTrading, AnCobalt, Gunbot, The Better Traders, bloch research

Trading expertise with over 400 billion turnover

8+ years of proven profit results.


Advanced algorithmic trading

Sophisticated algorithms and tried-and-tested strategies to make a trade.

Backed by analyses

Previous analysis various indicators, charts and historical data are analyzed before taking a trade.

Real time profit

- Get your profit in real time. Not hourly, not daily, and not weekly, but in Real-time!

24/7 access to your money

- Deposits ANYTIME and add or pay out in any amount.

Is Earn.World superior to other bots?

How transparent is Earn.World?

- See the trading positions and your portfolio in Real-time

- Get a detailed monthly performance report

- Verify trading data on the blockchain (Streakk Chain)

How transparent is Earn.World?

Backed by Experts - Analysis

Backed by expert analyses

Earn.World incorporates various exchanges in order to reduce the risk of diversify

Diversify risk

Earn.World and its 100% Legally compliant infrastructure

Earn.World 100% legally compliant infrastructure

Trade like a professional: Earn up to 12% p.m.

You want to earn even more money?

You can realize this with a so-called "Trading Infra"!

With this you can earn money at Earn.World even without your own deposit.

For each purchased "Trading Infra" you will receive a "CashBack" of up to 12% monthly on the purchase price of the Infra Node.

Please note: You will receive a daily credit and the credit will be immediately available to you once credited!

The "CashBack" will be paid to you daily until the maximum profit of the purchased "Trading Infra" is reached.

So as you can see on the picture you will get: 250%, 300% resp., 400% profit at 350%, 400% and 500% "max. profit".

Earn.World Trading Infra

You can choose from the following 3 categories:

Professional, Premium, Advanced

Earn.World Professional Infra
Earn.World Premium Infra
Earn.World Advanced Infra

Note: Depending on the selected category, the "CashBack" of an Earn.World Trading Infra is 500%, 400% or 350% of the purchase price.