The Earn World affiliate program from Streakk

Talk with others about Earn World of Streakk and earn on the purchase of Trading Infras and generate yourself a real cash flow!

Earn.World Affiliate Program


Earn World Uni Level

From the Earn World Unilevel plan, 50% are distributed over a total of 20 levels. Each of your direct referrals who buy a Trading Infra will permanently unlock another level, up to a total of 20 levels.

Generate yourself a "Real cash flow" from 20%

Earn.World Cash Flow

Through the level bonus you earn not only on the purchases of Trading Infras, but also on the trading profits of your team partners over 20 levels !

Rank Royalty: 10 million $

Earn.World Rank Royalty

The Earn.World "Rank Royalty Bonus" (in total $10 million) is paid out in four monthly installments upon reaching a career level (total commuted team volume). Once a particular level is reached, the revenue will not be deleted, but it will continue to be commuted without any time limit. This means that you will slowly and continuously build up your career. For each "leg", a maximum of 40% of the qualification volume of the respective rank is taken into account to determine the relevant commuted team volume.


Earn.World Global Lifetime Pool

The third bonus in the Earn.World affiliate program is the "Global Lifetime Pool". With this bonus, STREAKK Earn.World gives active affiliates a share of the total monthly revenue of the entire company. A pool in the amount of 15% of the total revenue is provided and distributed to the affiliates every month.

The bonus payouts from the partner program are directly booked in USDT (Tether) in your Earn.World backoffice. You can transfer your USDT account balance to another USDT wallet of your choice on a daily basis, or use it to buy additional Trading Infras or send it directly to your Earn.World wallet and collect the increased Staking Rewards (compounding effect). Please note: The minimum payout amount is currently $50.